Access Auto Sales & Service is Glad to continue to Service your vehicle needs! Right now we all have to work together to keep everyone safe. The nice part about what we do here is that we can offer great service, great price, and we can limit most of the person to person contact during these unique times. 

Here's how that works....

You can set your appointments up over the phone or on our website. Then, you can use our dropbox outside our front door to leave your keys and drop off your car for service. While your vehicle is here being worked on, we will take all sanitary measures possible & wipe down all common areas in your vehicle when we are finished. At that point we will call you & let you know your vehicle is finished and ready to pick up. We can take payment for your service or repair work over the phone if you wish. Then your vehicle, reciept, and keys will be waiting for you when you arrive! Zero contact and little to no chance of transmitting this virus that has temporarily altered the way we do business. 

Our Goal is to provide you with quality service in a safe environment for you and for us! "We truly are in this together" your health is my health, and my health is your health... If there is ANYTHING we can do to make you feel more safe, Please don't hesitate to ask!!

                    Matt, Joe, & Johnny